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Viewpoint Lodge offers a variety of cottages. Each of them stands alone ensuring maximum privacy, comfort and magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding volcanic features.

This is not your typical hotel but a bush experience right next to the lake. The cottages are right inside beautiful trees and well-manicured paths.

Conference and Meetings

Viewpoint lodge is an excellent and ideal conference and meeting facility for both small and large groups. Enjoy our hospitality and privacy in the serene conference centres.

We can adjust and accommodate tailored meeting needs in complete privacy.

Enjoy ideal camping site inside the Viewpoint lodge for both small and large groups. Camping is a great experience if the set up is great . Viewpoint lodge is between the flamingo speckled lake and the Raparian forest making it extraordinary camping experience. Whether it’s a group of colleagues, friends, church group, schools or colleges, we shall meet your needs.  There is nothing like getting together for nyama choma with friends while camping alongside the lake .

Enjoy Watching more than 400 bird species and one of the largest variety in a single location are found on lake elementaita basin.

Enjoy Watching the walk on the salty shores of Lake Elementaita and see the spectacular ground patterns and flamingo foot prints. Today the lake is a protected area due to its birdlife fame and also it has been named as one of the heritage by UNESCO. At the southern end of the lake are the “Kekopey” hot springs, in which an introduced fish, the Lake Magadi tilapia, breed. The reed beds nearby are fishing grounds for night herons and pelicans. Elementaita attracts visiting flamingoes, both the greater and lesser varieties, which feed on the lake’s crustacean and insect larvae and on its suspended blue-green algae, respectively

The lake’s shores are grazed by zebra, gazelle, eland and families of warthog on one side and the other one is a haven for leisure walk or jogging.

The lake is normally very shallow (less than 1 m deep) and bordered by trona-encrusted mudflats during the dry seasons. During the late Pleistocene and early Holocene, Lake Elmentaita was at times united with an expanded Lake Nakuru, forming a much larger dilute lake. Remnants of the former joined lake are preserved as sediments at various locations around the lake basins, including former shorelines.

Elmenteita Badlands is a lava flow to the south of the lake, covered in bush and including some spectacularly scenic peaks.

Nearby viewpoint lodge is the Kariandusi Museum, an important prehistoric site where stone handaxes and cleavers were discovered in 1929 by Louis Leakey.

It’s a popular site for education trips and historical learning.

Wedding is a special day which deserves the best photoshoots.  Viewpoint lodge provides multiple locations facing the lake, the ranges and it has both slanting and flat services and evergreen trees. This makes it one of the best places to capture memories which lasts.

Viewpoint private wedding grounds can accommodate both small and large groups. The weddings venue is conveniently located right next to the lake. The photo and video sessions are done inside the Viewpoint lodge exotic grounds, around the lake, in the background of the surrounding ranges and hills and the eco-forests. We have ample parking to accommodate hundreds of cars.

Moreover, the venue offers honeymoon packages for the newly wed. Viewpoint is a private establishment ensuring that your wedding will be as per exactly how you want it. We believe weddings are personalized to suit tastes and preferences and that is what we are best at doing. Do give us a call for an arranged venue tour and discussion .

Viewpoint  unique and naturally serene lakeside location makes it one of the most exotic and romantic destinations. The privacy of the stand-alone cottages is most ideal for newlyweds or couples who need to time alone . The candlelit lake dinners and star gazing a romantic reality.

Other activities for the couples include picnic on a volcanic rock near the hot springs. Must do is the leisurely soak in the therapeutic hot springs, both night and day. Enjoy Photographic expeditions and capture lasting memories. Take a couple stroll around the flamingo lakeshore and you can fly a kite or ride a bike . A walk or picnic through the eco-forest is a terrific experience. There is nearby Ostrich and horse-riding Park . Hot air ballooning over the lake is erotic and unforgettable rift experience. The location of Viewpoint lodge offers easy access to the Lake Nakuru animal park.

We will make your honeymoon the truly life lasting memory that you deserve, just give us a call for a personalized service, tailor-made to suit your needs.

Viewpoint lodge offers ,most ideal family, friends, schoolmates, college mates and colleagues reunions venue . We take care of the little ones, the elderly and the highly energized who are traveling with you. We keep them busy and ensure maximum comfort and experience of home away from home.  This is a great place to plan for your own reunion just the way you like it, we shall do the support. We are an ideal venue for both formal and informal reunions.

You can social and bond while doing nyamachoma or even venture into the neighborhood .

There is lots of exploration space within the lodge and even for those who love venturing the beautiful surroundings of viewpoint there is plenty of activity around the lake, hot springs and eco-forests.

The lake offers unique walking opportunity to view flamingos and other +400 birds. The sundowner experience at sunset while sipping a favorite drink and early dinner overlooking the lake is a breath-taking moment and memory.

One of the greatest gifts you can give a friend or family member is a birthday celebration that’s both fun and memorable. We organize and celebrate your birthday with you. Birthdays are tailored to suit various needs. Contact us for birthdays for children, adults , institutions or businesses.

Whether you choose to celebrate your birthday with a small or large group, indoor or outdoor, day or night, Viewpoint will organize nothing but the best for your occasion to ensure you get a truly unique birthday experience.